Once you have chosen the design(s) you wish to licence, we will quote you a fee based
on your individual needs. When commissioning artwork, we will discuss your
requirements with you before undertaking work. There are no set fees for any work,
all quotes are dependent on the usage required, the client and the merit of the job.

We do find that each of our clients have different requirements regarding the licence
they wish to purchase, which is why we find it best to discuss your criteria with you
personally so we are able to offer you the most favourable terms.

Our artwork can be licensed to suit your product selling requirements.
Firstly is the product usage itself, which may be; greeting cards or puzzles or
home decor to name a few examples. Second to determine is the territory
you wish to sell in, a UK only licence would obviously be cheaper than a worldwide
licence. The length of time you wish to use our artwork is an important factor.
Typical lengths are either 3 or 5 years, you can choose shorter or longer lengths.
Christmas artwork on a 3 year licence would include 3 Christmas selling periods.

Prior to your licence running out, we will contact you to offer you first refusal in
which to extend your licence for a further selling period or terminate.
Our standard licence includes a ‘sell-off’ period for your products on which
you use our artwork.

The Macneil Studio will continue to produce original artwork in the same popular style and welcome new and existing clients. With consistent, increasing sales of Richards’s popular artwork each year, the Macneil brand is rapidly gaining ground.

We offer a distinctive style of art which is available to license for a variety of different products.
We are happy to work with manufacturers to develop new lines for products.

At The Macneil Studio we pride ourselves on our friendly, ‘happy to help’ attitude and are committed to honourable buisiness practice. We produce, licence and archive all our own work, so messages and individual requirements are dealt directly by us, the artist, and without delay.

Our online catalogue showcases many, but not all our artwork. If you wish to see more Richard Macneil designs or check availability, please contact:


we are also pleased to discuss individual commisioned designs tailored to meet your own requirements: