Lake Cafe 1810 AK10067 100cm x 42cm canvas
Richard has painted Lake Cafe inspired by his European travels, presenting the piece with a stylish relaxed feel. The painting offers a realsitic portrayal of a lakeside cafe in the foreground overlooking a peaceful lake. Looking out to the horizon creates depth and interest within the artwork. Soft tones add to the relaxed feel whilst highlights of pinks and greens work beautifully to enhance the selected colour palette. This breathtaking artwork will will be a wonderful accolade to all decor.
size 100cm x 42cm price £185 + £15.00 P&P
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To offer our customers a greater understanding of how a Richard Macneil stretch box canvas will appear we have produced this description of a design constructed in this style.
A stretch Box canvas sees Richards design printed onto a canvas material and then stretched onto a wooden frame exactly how an artist's canvas is made.
Typically our canvases are produced using Innova IFA33 360gsm 100% cotton which is a matt fine art canvas material. The Canvas is varnished after printing using a giclee ph.neutral varnish to enhance the print as well as protect the surface and aid cleaning. The Canvas is hand stretched onto a wooden stretcher to complete the process.

Below is a photograph of a Richard Macneil Stretch Box Canvas- to give an idea how a Richard Macneil Stretch box Canvas will arrive.

viewing front of canvas viewing back of canvas

Here at The Macneil Studio we feel Stretch Box Canvases give a modern, contemporary feel to displaying artwork. The Stretch Box Canvas format allows the artwork to be showcased perfectly- with no frame or mount to distract from the beauty of the design. We have found stretch box canvases work exceptionally well with Richards work and he personally feels "Stretch Box Canvases allow the art to be hung exactly as he sees it when painting the canvas- art at its purest form"