AKO9362-1529 Seeking Solitude Framed 47cm x 37cm
Continuing with a nautical feel we see Richard create Seeking Solitude. A beach scene that focuses on a detailed cross section of coast line. A serene mood has been achieved with a combination of soft tones and subtle movement as the waves gently roll across the shore. The idylic view is punctuated by the palm tree contrasting against the wooden rowing boat. A delightful painting that will compliment a variety of home decors.
£75.00 + £15.00 P&P
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Displaying Richard Macneils artwork in this traditional manner of a framed piece allows richards work to be displayed beautifully. Featuring a resin embellishment which has been used within the framing process of this artwork. This piece is framed in a white wash style frame featuring a white mount.