AK08359-1507 St. Marcos Reflection 129cm x 63cm

Richards latest studio creation "St. Marcos Reflection" formed the inspiration for the venetian series to be created. This piece is already proving to be hugely popular and much sought after. Richard has painted an atmospheric snap shot capturing a romantic scene in Venice.A feeling of space has been created using a wide panoramic view point. Venetian architecture features within this piece to add authenticity to Richards subject. Reflection has been used as a means of adding to the mood of this painting. Richard has used a tonal colour palette which is accented with pops of colour. This wonderful piece of art will suit all decor needs and we offer several other works to compliment this painting.

£280.00 + £15.00 P&P
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Displaying Richard Macneils artwork in this traditional manner of a framed piece allows richards work to be displayed beautifully. Gkitter and resin embellishment has been used within the framing process of this artwork. This piece is framed in a silver frame featuring a silver insert and a white mount.