AK08272 1474(2) Gapstow Bridge Detail ll 54cm x 64cm

Gapstow Bridge has been created by Richard as a means of replicating this iconic location. Soft muted tones in a neutral colour palette allow this piece to compliment any decore perfectly. Richards use of light and reflection adds depth to the piece. This piece is a detailed version of the original and features a romantic couple admiring the view. Gapstow bridge detail l compliments this piece beautifully and the pair make a wonderful addition to any interior.

£135.00 + £15.00 P&P
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Displaying Richard Macneils artwork in this traditional manner of a framed piece allows richards work to be displayed beautifully. This piece is framed in a brushed bevelled frame which serves to enhance the design. The design is mounted on a white background which highlights the piece superbly.