AK05801-0646 Walking With Umbrella (framed) size: 33cm x43cm

This particular print, "Walking With Umbrella",  will compliment any interior beautifully with its spectacular simplicity and contrasting shades that see red accent the colour palette superbly. This print developed a best seller status amongst Richard's work with the design being widely sought after within the art industry and the red umbrella becoming some what of a trademark for Richard. Richard created this piece with a view to allowing emotions of romance to be conveyed via his work and developed this beautifully. Walking With Umbrella forms part of a pair, along with Red Umbrella which is also available to purchase via the print shop.

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Displaying Richard Macneils artwork in this traditional manner of a framed piece allows richards work to be displayed beautifully. This piece is framed in a blacksmooth frame with a white mount background, which serves to enhance the design with the black tone contrasting wonerfully with the colour palette Richard has used.